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We, the Bio.SoilZ company, are here to create a win-win situation for our potential Franchisees. Our supply chain is fully organised to ensure that the Franchisees enjoy our full support in processing and distribution of our products in their respective territories. We supply our Franchisees with the Raw material that is diluted, packed and then sold to the farmers.

The Bio.SoilZ company gives the right to its Franchisees to bottle and sell its products in various countries across the world. The Franchisor also grants the Franchisees the right to use Bio.SoilZ Trade name and Trade marks in their territories.

The Franchisor and the Franchisees are collectively known as Bio.SoilZ System. The Bio.SoilZ System has been so efficiently designed that its products are made available to the farmers even in the remotest corners of the world.

We work closely with our Franchisees to guide them through the business ownership process. We are focused on understanding their needs and ensure they receive continual support to grow their business.

Our relationship with our Franchisees is based on trust, mutual alignment of goals, transparency and open communication. Effective communication is the cornerstone to a successful relationship in achieving shared organisational goals. We value feed-backs, comments, opinions and contributions from our Franchisees. Constructive feedback is an important tool for creating a healthy environment, improving performance, boosting productivity and achieving better results.

Strategic Partnerships form a core part of our business ecosystem. The Partnerships enable us to achieve more together and make a meaningful impact. Our business operates within a wider context. Our engagement involves many local and global stake-holders across multiple areas, working hand-in-hand with the farming communities, where we strive to make a difference.

Currently Bio.SoilZ is operating in all the 6 continents through its Franchise network.

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