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Bio.SoilZ is not an organic fertilizer. It’s a “Microbial activator” that is used for soil regeneration. It’s also call as “ Soil Regenetor”. It’s efficacy is better than any fertilizer because it tend to treat the cause than the symptoms. The soil is sick today because of over-fertilization, excessive tillage and pesticides. Bio.SoilZ stimulates the soil microbes that can provide solutions to the disturbances in agro-ecosystem by restoring the soil heath.
No. It doesn’t contain any soil microorganisms. It rather activates the existing microorganisms in the soil to an aerobic metabolism.
No, Bio.SoilZ is neither of them.
Yes, it’s an organic product. It contains no chemical.
Yes, it’s 100% safe. It doesn’t contain any chemicals.
Once for each crop cycle
1 litre to be mixed with 100 litres of water per Acre (or) 2.5 litres to be mixed with 250 litres of water for 1 Hectare
10 litres per plant/tree for each crop cycle
The yield from field trials conducted by our franchisee partners in various parts of the world has increased from 20 to 30 percent. However to be on the safer side, we want to scale it down to 10 to 20 per cent as it depends on critical factors like soil quality & weather conditions.
Kindly refer to “Barren land to Fertile fields” link on our website.

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