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Humus a dark colored organic matter in the soil, formed as a result of decomposing action of soil microorganisms (e.g., bacteria and fungi), which break down animal and vegetable material into elements that can easily be absorbed by growing plants. Humus is an important biological constituent of fertile soil. It consists of about 60 percent carbon, 6 percent nitrogen, and smaller amounts of phosphorus and sulfur. Humus, the upper most layer of the soil just 4-12 inches (10-30 cm) thick, provides nutrition to all human life.

The Earth’s life is based on this very thin layer that has been severely damaged by ignorance, disrespect and arbitrariness in the last hundred years worldwide thus provoking a fundamental turnaround in the original aerobic processes.

The condition of our soils is extremely worrying.

Do you know:

About one third of the top soil (Humus layer) is already acutely degraded and the united nation estimates a complete degradation with in 60 years if current practices continue.

Nature has a solution for every problem and the goal is harmonious, balanced state of all forces involved in life. Humus is this harmony, this natural order, which is maintained by the fact that all life processes are coordinated. In a hand full of humus live more than 8 billion microorganisms- together, against each other, and for each other. The excretions of one is the food of the other. The system is stable unless it is unbalanced disproportionally.

Life is the eternal cycle of birth, development and death, coming into being and passing away, eating and being eaten. Nature knows two ways to deal with dead substance;

It can break them down into smaller and smaller parts and convert them back into bacterial albumen, that is to say, living systems that are increasingly potentiating (developing), i.e. metabolizing. This process, which proceeds with the help of oxygen and oxygen, is called “Putrefaction”. This is always accompanied by fresh air, pleasant smell of fertile soil or forest soil.

Another way the nature deal with dead organic matter is to break it down into its components and then reassemble it into viable molecules. This process takes place in the absence of oxygen and is called “Rotting”. It is the anaerobic variant of nature to process the residues of the life of life. This produces gases, acids, poisons and, to warn sentient beings who are not specialized in the processing of putrefaction, bad smells.

Our system works on and with the systems of nature i.e the principles of the living and with the energies arising from the living system- with the life energy.

What is life energy?

Everything that is living is energy. Everything that animates is life energy, the energy of the living, the energy of life.

On a very basic level, life energy is the energy that is present in living things and absent from nonliving things. Bodily functions occur because life energy drives those processes.

It is always about strengthening the building forces of nature and giving them a chance in their normal survival struggle with the degrading forces. Thus, the healing energies of nature (bacteria, enzymes, spore, fungi, etc.) are purposefully developed and used.

A healthy plant can thrive in healthy soil only. And a person or an animal can be healthy if they feed on healthy plants. This is the cycle of nature.

Every biological organism wants to feel at its lowest energetic level i.e. to feel most comfortable with the least amount of effort. They want to be in their biological optimum. Every biological organism knows this optimum. It is part of a genetic program. We call it health.

Our system views health as a universal state that needs to balance all those involved in the process, while most other processes selectively interfere with the process.

We tend to create hassle-free habitat for the microorganisms, which are supposed to solve a problem, instead of putting problem solvers in the problem zone that yields no results.

We experience this lack of healthy soil permanently. Everyone knows the consequences and we know the Alternative. It is called natural humus. It can be obtained from all organic substances or waste by aerobic composting by conditioning the microorganisms.

You do not feed the plant, but the soil, and here again the soil life, the Edaphon. This provides all substances necessary for fertility and the plant takes what it needs and as much as it needs.

Humus is not a fertilizer, “Humus is life”. It revives and regenerates the soil.